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AnsalonMUD - FREE Text-Based DragonLance RPG since 1996

New Domain Name! ( Welcome to Ansalon, Ansalon is a Dragonlance MUD (Multi User Dungeon, Text Based RPG Game) where a player can become an imaginary character in the DragonLance world, and interact with other players who are also playing...

Category: MUDs
The Last Outpost

The Last Outpost is an online multi-player text adventure game, also known as a Multi-User Dungeon, or a MUD. It has been online since 1992. Along with exploring and advancing through the game world, The Last Outpost offers players the ability to lay...

Category: MUDs
The Inquisition: Legacy

The Inquisition: Legacy is an RP Focused game started in 1999 with an original, dark fantasy theme. It has been designed solely for immersive roleplay ever since. The goal of our game is to tell a good story, and the theme focuses on the...

Category: MUDs
Valhalla Mud

The labyrinth which you find yourself trapped in is dark. It's impossible to tell the different pathways from each other, and all attempts to retrace your own steps have failed. You are hopelessly lost. But... is that a faint glow in the distance?...

Category: MUDs
Procedural Realms

Procedural Realms is a brand new codebase written from the ground up. Inspired by Diku MUDs, rogue-like games, and Diablo-style loot and equipment systems, the game features a randomly generated open world with many monsters to kill and dungeons to...

Category: MUDs
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