Creating a New Empire Game Listing

Return to Empire Directory Website

  1. Select the "Games->List of Games & Players" menu tab

  2. You will see the following item:

  3. If you just want to browse the existing games you can click the yellow box.
  4. Otherwise click the "Sign In" link in the top-right and you will see:

  5. If you need to create a account click the "Sign Up" button, otherwise enter your account info and press the "Sign In" button
  6. After signing in you will see:

  7. "List Of Players" is where you create your player and game owner records (they are one and the same). "List Of Games" is where you view the active games, and "Signup For Games" is where you request to join a game.

  8. In the "List Of Players" you will see this:

  9. Most fields are self explainatory, but the "Default Country Password" field should have the initial password to use when signing up - you should change this once you are admitted to the game! Also note that you can create multiple entries in case you want to have multiple countries in different games.

  10. In the "List Of Games" page is where you create/edit your active games.

  11. Scroll down and you will see all the fields:

  12. In the "Signup For Games" page is where you request to join existing games.

  13. The "Save CSV" button is to export the game request list to a CSV file for use in populating your new game countries